All about bands

The music industry is an old and very lucrative industry. These days, the internet has boosted the music industry in many ways. However, the internet has also left music bands open to the activities of hackers and other criminals who want to stream and download music illegally. In cases where people are guilty of copyright breach or other infractions, they might be liable to private prosecutions. This is done to safeguard the music industry and ensure that intellectual property rights are protected.

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Understanding How Music Bands Make Money

People outside the music industry think the most important members of the band are the vocalists. Clearly, this is a wrong assumption because the lead singers and backup singers are just a part of the big picture. Music bands make money because every member of the band (including the back room staff) contributes to the success of the band. The songwriters, arrangers, composers and producers play vital roles in the money making process. The sound engineers, dancers and video editors also contribute to the success of the band. Music bands make money from stage shows, record sales, concerts, videos, adverts and endorsements. When people buy music CDs, the band makes money. The band also makes money when people download and pay for the songs online. The accountants and other experts work out the income and profits and every member of the band gets a share of the profits.

Why People Form Bands

People do not just come together and form music bands impulsively. The individual band members must have a bit of talent, musical ability, a good singing voice, ability to play musical instruments and other valuable assets. In addition, band members must be compatible or else they cannot work together.

Types of Music

Music bands are in business to create good music. In this context, there is no orthodox definition of what constitutes good music. Music takes many different forms. In some parts of the world, reggae music is popular. In other places, rock and roll is the preferred choice. Other popular forms of music are jazz, country music, blues and calypso. In Latin American countries, the preferred choices are samba, salsa and rumba. In African countries, you get exotic forms of music like Makossa, highlife, Afro-beat, Mapouka and fuji.

Spiritual Music

Music is also used for spiritual purposes. In this category, you have ancestral music from Africa, gospel music, Negro Spirituals and other forms of spiritual music used by priests in Eastern Asia.

Making Big Money

The music industry is a huge moneymaker. Jamaica makes billions of pounds annually from the popular reggae, raga and dub music. In the UK, rock stars contribute billions of pounds in annual revenues to government coffers. In the USA, popular forms of music like country, pop, rhythm and blues and jazz are huge favorites. Pop stars make billions of dollars annually and are treated like royalty in the USA and Canada.

Final Word

The music industry is alive and well in different parts of the globe. Music bands produce the music and smile all the way to the bank. Music fans patronize the bands and everybody is happy at the end of the day. This is the ultimate win-win situation and this why music will never go out of style.